Approved Training Centers

Recognized programs and institutions that meet AABC criteria for academic rigor and quality assurance*:

New institutions are being added as recognized.
Institutions interested in recognition are encouraged to contact AABC to begin the process of review.  For complete information download the AABC Training Center Application.

*  Programs and institutions listed above have been recognized to have met AABC criteria for academic rigor and quality assurance.  However, such listing is neither to be understood as an endorsement by AABC of all aspects of the listed organization, nor as assurance that listed organizations are in complete agreement with all aspects of AABC.  Additionally, there are many others that have not been through the recognition process that may be of sufficient quality so as to meet AABC criteria.  Applicants are encouraged to contact AABC before enrolling, or to submit training already taken for review.